Quantity Surveyors & Estimators

Who We Are

Here at QS Consult, we are passionate about helping trade contractors to grow their businesses. We understand how difficult it can be to manage the day to day aspects of construction projects, ensuring quality is maintained and that deadlines are met, whilst still finding the time to find and tender for new projects. That’s why after years of experience working in the construction sector, we have developed what we believe is a unique partnership approach to helping trade contractors grow their businesses. This approach means we focus on helping to identify new projects for our clients and then complete the tender and estimating process on their behalf. This leaves them free to do what they do best – run their businesses. Here at QS Consult we believe partnership means just that, with all our fees being charged on a results basis. In short, we remove the overhead, as well as the effort, associated with finding and then tendering for new projects! Our unique approach is underpinned by many years’ experience working on small and major projects across all sectors. This experience enables us to help you develop a business growth strategy and deliver a tendering and estimating service which will meet your goals.

Why Choose Us

  • Regulated by the RICS
  • Innovative
  • We fix underperforming solutions
  • We make things easier